Back in ACTION!!

Dear Members,

After a crazy Holiday sales overload…

We ARE Back in FULL Force.

So here’s a complete (yet FAST) Run-Down of what’s been happening…

1.  Our traffic servers were OVERLoaded due to the influx of members coming in.

Problem Solved. Our NEW Servers are now ONLINE and faster than ever

2.  We reached a pinnacle of commissions to pay to members (Over $140,000) which slowed down the payments of commissions.

YOU our are #1 Priority with TCR and now the Traffic has started and the commission payments have commenced!

If you are waiting for your commissions you will receive them within the next 24 Hours!

We are Back– in Black. Let’s make some money and get EXCITED for the RE-Vamped Turbo Cash Revolution!


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The Turbo Cash Revolution Contest Has Started!!

The Future is starting Right-Now…

As we speak your TCR System has begun advertising,  collection information about your site and sharing it with the world.

In just a few hours, I will be turning on the united states ad network. Get ready as you are about to start getting some GOOD Traffic to your sites!

Now here’s the big announcement:

Christmas is Right-Around the corner. To Celebrate the Holiday Season (no matter what you celebrate!) We are starting the Official TCR Holiday Week Contest TODAY!

Running from Today 12/18 – 12/26 is the:

TCR Holiday Sales Contest!

All Active members can participate.  The winners will be calculated based upon how many sales are made between now and 12/26.  The MOST Sales with TCR wins 1st Place!  Think you can do it?  YES. You Can.  

Here’s the Prizes that will be awarded!


1st Place:              $2,000 + 7 Day Carnival Caribbean Cruise!

Second Place:        $500

3rd Place:               $250

4th Place:               $100

5th Place:               $100

You can WIN This contest!  It’s all up to you!  Don’t let anything hold you back from winning the #1 Prize.  To Participate in The Contest:  Please make a COMMENT On This Blog Post…  Then Login To Your TCR Members Area and grab your Affiliate Link!  Spread the word and promote your link to the world through Facebook, Email and more!  I will be updating you with the current stats and Leaders all throughout this week!

Happy Holidays,

Tyler and the TCR Team
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Turbo Inner Circle is Starting TODAY!

Tyler here…

I am so excited because it’s a brand-new week and the Holidays are right around the corner. My favorite is New Years. It’s a time for reflection and renewal, a time to claim your worth and set your goals for the future!

Do you know what your New Years Resolutions are?  How about something like… “In 2013 I want to make a minimum of $70,000 PER Year”?  That is an ATTAINABLE Goal!  If you focus and put your mind to it… YOU can will achieve that goal in 2013!

The Turbo Cash Revolution system is really just getting started. This is JUST the beginning!!

Now– The best part of all is about to begin, the Turbo Cash Revolution Inner Circle Advertising System.

The Advertising Machines will be activated tonight @ Midnight.  If you’re in my “Inner Circle’ then get ready, I saved the best part for last.

Your TCR Affiliate link is about to be advertised to the WORLD through my global advertising system,  my secret ad sources that I’ve been using for years. You’ll be earning $25 and $100 commissions with TCR Automatically and I am so excited for you!!

As of RIGHT-NOW, There are only 2 Spots Left for my Inner Circle Advertising System.

If you want it… You have to grab it today!  I’ll be sending out a special member email with the secret link.

Grab it as soon as possible because I’m about to SHUT the doors and crank this MOFO up to High Speed!!


By Admin

Wednesday is PAYDAY!!

Get ready TCR Members…

Tomorrow is Payday!

We will start payments in the morning and throughout the day.

More exciting news to come including our 1st LIVE Conference call very soon!

Remember.. For Every sale you personally make with TCR, your advertising system is increased by 2%!

So get out there… Tell the world and let’s have a very happy Holiday!


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It’s Monday and TCR is Going Nuts!

Hi Everyone… I’ve been totally and completely overloaded here in Turbo Cash Revolution land.

The good news is, TCR is exploding right now!  With Christmas and New Years right around the corner I’ve never seen so many happy people in one place. People are making MONEY and they are making it on autopilot with my TCR System.

If you’re on the fence… Jump on IN and don’t miss out on this opportunity!  I’ll be back later for a really COOL update!


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The System is Working 24/7. Update.

It’s been 12 Years in the making, and now we are finally LIVE. This is day Four of the PreLaunch for Turbo Cash Revolution and things are exploding right now!!  There’s a spark in the year. Right now as I write this update, it’s December 7th. All around my neighborhood in midtown, NY… as I walk down 56th and Lexington, I notice how people decorate their windows and fire escapes with Christmas Lights.

It’s a beautiful time of year with the Christmas Tree @ Rockefeller Center lighting up the city. I often reflect on my life during this time of year and think about my family, loved ones and the future.

We opened the doors to Turbo Cash Revolution on Tuesday… It’s now Friday and things are picking up speed like a fast moving train. It’s been a hectic Four days, That’s for SURE!! But, Just seeing the amounts of people joining this system and the positive feedback we’re getting, I know that we have finally got something here, that ANYONE regardless of past experience can use to make A LOT of money with.

If you’ve struggled before… Failed, Lost and/or seen no results with your efforts online- Put your TRUST in the Turbo Cash Revolution System and take a chance, because this will be the last program that you’ll ever need to join. It’s working and it’s working WELL…and We have ONLY just begun!!!

Join the TCR System today and Start Earning Commissions with us!


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We are Officially in PRE-LAUNCH!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Turbo Cash Revolution is NOW Officially in PRELAUNCH.

Since we just opened up the site hours ago… Things are starting to look like this system is EXACTLY what I knew it would be… Amazing!

People are joining from all over the world and putting their trust in the system that I consider my baby, the TCR System!

I’ve been through hell and back in my life… but If I can do it, ANYONE can including you!

Join the Revolution of Turbo Cash Today and start your new journey with me!


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Twas The Night Before The Launch…

Twas the night before PRELAUNCH and all through the house…

Not a creature was stiring, not even a mouse.

The servers were ready, the system was set

and everyone knew that Turbo Cash Revolution would be the BEST Thing Yet…

Friends- We are on the eve of the Official PreLaunch of TCR…

Get READY for the biggest holiday prelaunch you’ve ever seen and join me on this fantastic journey of money-making.

If you’ve never made money before online… This program is THE Answer you’ve been searching for.

Peace and Prosperity,

Tyler Mangrum

P.S. I’m gonna go listen to some Bob Marley… relax and prepare for the massive opening we have in the morning for TCR.

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The Launch of Turbo Cash Revolution

Wow. What a long journey it’s been. The Journey I’m talking about is the long, winding road that it took to get here, at this point in time. The Official Launch of the Turbo Cash Revolution System!

When I first started out online, I was a young college kid and had NO clue what I was doing.  In fact, if there was a T-Shirt that said “Failure” on it… I would have been the first to have it. The journey was a hard one, but I made it through after numerous failed attempts at success online. Maybe you’re in a similar situation or you just can’t seem to get ahead and make those first commissions online.

That’s why I created the Turbo Cash Revolution System. It’s for YOU!  I’ve spent most of the past 12 years becoming an Internet Marketer. I started from ZERO and have progressively become better and better over the years at building my own money-making strategies and systems. The TCR System is the ‘Big One’ that I’ve been spending a lot of time on as of late.

I wanted to pick the perfect time to launch this groundbreaking income system, and now is the perfect time. It’s the Holidays! It’s that time of year when you probably want to make some extra money. Maybe you’re thinking about your New Years Resolutions or wanting a change in your life. It’s a time for reflection and of moving forward.

Take this journey with me and be a part of the Holiday Pre Launch of the Turbo Cash Revolution System. Join me on the ride and you’ll never be the same again… I promise!

Time until launch… Countdown 7 Days!

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